It`s getting darker outside!

Postet av Kutt Grünerløkka den 12. Sep 2013

Fall is comming!

Beautiful colors, leaves, fireplace, blanket, tea, hot chocolate, rainy days, wellies, reading books, candles, cozy long nights!

Make sure your hair looks fab and trendy while you are snuggeling up in front of the fireplace at the cabin!

We see that the pastel colors are going to stay with us trough the fall. Pastel pink, Purple and mint are big hits, do you dare?

Also short hair is hotter now than ever.

Loose wawes that are a little bit messy and random.

If you put away the beauty of your hair in a ponytail make sure that it`s low.

Side partings.

Haevy fringe! <3 Do we need to say more?!

Get ready for fall! -


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