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We came over this site with tips and tricks for you with curly hair. (

1) Do NOT wash your hair every day. This might take some getting used to but hear us out: the physical act of shampooing can be really hard on your hair because of all the scrubbing you're doing and by roughing up the cuticle you could set yourself up for frizz. Natural oil is also really great for curly hair (especially if you have super thick hair) because it helps weigh your hair down a bit while keeping it smooth. When you do wash your hair make sure you're using a formula that is designed for curly hair or that has a high moisture content. Curly hair tends to be a bit more dry than straight hair so making sure you add in additional moisture will keep your hair looking its best.

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3) Use multiple styling products to get the best result. Gone are the days of scrunching mousse into your hair and calling it a day so don't be afraid to use more than one product on your hair! If you need more volume feel free to apply a volumizing product at the root and then depending on what your hair needs use a curl forming/smoothing/etc product towards the midshaft/ends.

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4) Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible to prevent frizz and unnecessary volume. If you absolutely need to dry your hair, though, make sure you use a diffuser and follow the correct steps to get full &; frizz free curls. A lot of people will haphazardly move the diffuser all around while “scrunching" it into their hair and this is pretty much the worst way to dry curly hair because all you're doing is roughing up your cuticle and turning it into a frizzy mess. Instead follow these steps to get the perfect curly hair blow-dry:

* Section your hair (however you like to do it is fine) into about 4-6 workable sections. Feel free to do more if your hair is thick.

* Take each section individually and pile it into the diffuser while the blow dryer is OFF (this is key).

* Once your hair is fully in the diffuser turn the blow dryer on and wait for the section to dry. Do NOT move the diffuser around at all. Just let it be until the section is dry.

* Turn the blow dryer off and wait a few seconds (wait 15-30 if you have the time) before removing the diffuser from the section. Do not touch your curls after they're dry.

* Move to another section of hair and repeat above steps until your entire head is dry. Once each section is dry flip your head over and shake out your root area to blend each section together. Don't run your fingers through your hair and break up the curl (unless you want more volume). Just shake everything to blend and you'll be fine.

By taking a less aggressive approach you are helping to dry your hair in its natural curl pattern while minimizing the amount of frizz, knots, and overall hysteria that you might normally experience. The main key to this technique is to remember this: when the blowdryer is on you should not be moving it around your head. Only when the blowdryer is off can you reposition and move it around.

And, last but not least…

5) Understand what type of curl you have. We cannot stress this enough: if you have a strong curl nothing but a good blowout is going to give you smooth, luxurious waves. If you have what we like to call a “lazy curl" (aka wavy hair) no amount of product is going to give you Shirley Temple ringlets. we say this because it will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money! Learn to work with what you've got and your life will be a lot easier (not to mention your hair will look much better!)

//Kutt crew


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