Summer hair!

Postet av Kutt Grünerløkka den 25. Feb 2015

Aren't we all longing for those long hot summer nights by now?
Saltwater in your hair, sun kissed skin and maybe a summer romance? Spending countless hours on a windy beach, not having a care in the world. Now that would be nice!

Long hair or short hair, you probably need a trim or two before summer kicks in, keep those ends nice and healthy.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair ~ Khalil Gibran

after chopping off all the split ends & fried hair I'm hopeful for healthy new hair. Hair length goals.

Growing my hair out like this

Jen this is so awesome! When my hair is long again, we should do this! And you should grow your hair out too!

Marlon Teixeira In Santa Catarina For Diário Catarinense

// Ine Marie // Kutt Grünerløkka //


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