Get a little better acquainted with hairdresser and salon owner Siri.

Postet av Kutt Grünerløkka den 11. Des 2014

Becoming a hairdresser has been a dream ever since I was a little girl. I started cutting my Barbie Dolls and I always knew that a hairdresser was what my profession would be, as I grew up.This is a decision I have never once regretted taking. I knew this was for me the day I started working as a cleaning girl in my cousins salon. My journey becoming the best hairdresser I could be started at Oslo Frisørskole in 2004.

In addition to being a hairdresser I a also a trained makeup artist from MKC Beauty Academy in Los Angeles.
I consider myself as a very technically skilled hairdresser when it comes to both cut and color. Do you want a special color I can guarantee to put my heart and soul into blending this color, to assure your´e happiness!

I LOVE to cut men's hairstyles, I focus a lot on masculine forms and it is the utmost important for me to ensure that the haircut also works at home, and not just looks good when you leave the salon. Because this is so important for me, I can guarantee you that this is something I´m damn good at doing!

I also work for Matrix as an educator. I get to travel around in Norway and hold shows with Matrix to educate and inspire other hairdressers. I really love doing this, and I always come back inspired by everything I have seen.

In September 2013 opened my very own salon at Grünerløkka, named Kutt. This is a part of the "Adam og Eva Gruppen". I work here with five other amazing girls who I couldn't be without!

My future goal is to work international. I dream of going back to Los Angeles to open a salon there as well.

Hope you got to know me a little bit better and here are some photos that inspires me! Hope to see YOU in my chair!






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