Is home color really that dangerous?

Postet av Kutt Grünerløkka den 29. Okt 2014

Is home color really that dangerous?

It can often be tempting to color your hair on your own, and in many cases it works out just fine. The problem however often occur when you want to change the color again. In home color there is often more, or bigger pigments and a stronger oxydant than the hairdresser would normally recommend. What happens is that the color penetrates deeper into the hair and makes it harder to color treatments afterwards.

There are endless ways to change the color of your hair. If you want a color that doesn't require maintenance every six weeks, there is a lot of options for you. Come visit us and get help to find the perfect color for you!

6 Beautiful Dark Hair Color Ideas For You

// Sissal/ Advanced stylist//


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