Check out this handsome fellow!!

Postet av Kutt Grünerløkka den 6. Feb 2014

Today I had a visit from the one and only Salvador in the salon!
We go way back and had a small project with his hair, let it grow and see how far and good it gets! He was looking darn handsome (as he always has). Now he tells me that he is tired of the long hair (?!) and wants to cut it SHORT! Shit French fries I think while it ties up in my stomach.

And then I got to it, started cutting it off...

Here you can see a picture of what he looked like before I put the scissors in his hair! 

Eyecandy right?

As you can see, he has a lot of hair.

And now I present to you a brand new man!

Still looks bloody handsome! Thanks for the fun. :D



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